Safe Catering

Please Open the photos above so you can see a how we safely catered lunch for a larger group!

We set up a sanitizing station at the front after having the guests 6ft apart in the catering line, we separated the food items further apart and the employees managers served them every side item and we served them the main entree utilizing 2 buffet lines. Everyone wore gloves and masks.

These times don’t allow for all to enjoy their meal together so the guests carried their covered meals to their smaller groups or to their desks to enjoy and they sure did enjoy it!  This employer wanted to show their appreciation for everyone’s hard work and dedication.

Do you want to show your appreciation to your team by providing a great meal and don’t quite know how to do it with all the new rules and regulations changing everyday? We can help with ideas, either something like we did above or prepackaged individual meals, sandwiches, pizzas, lets brainstorm together to fit your needs! The Holidays are coming up faster than any other year it seems, lets get you on the calendar!

Dodger Games start tomorrow (yay!) and we are in the process of adding TV’s to the patio!


Buckboard BBQ and Pizza Chalet

461 S Citrus Ave

Covina, CA 91723