Re: Working too hard?


Workaholic: A person who is addicted to their work. While dedication is certainly an admirable trait, Buckboard BBQ & Catering and Pizza Chalet knows that a healthy work-life balance is also important.

National Workaholics Day is coming up in July (yes every day is National something day!)  For all the workaholics of the world, today is the day to step back and take it easy. If you are a workaholic, take an afternoon nap, read a book, or call Buckboard BBQ & Catering and Pizza Chalet for a welcomed office lunch break for you and your fellow workaholics.

Buckboard BBQ & Catering and Pizza Chalet specializes in hassle free drop off or pick up lunches that are affordable and assured to give you the break that you deserve! Whether you are celebrating today or looking for an office escape any other day of the year, Buckboard BBQ & Catering has come to the rescue!

For everyone else, celebrate the workaholics in your life! Arrive to work a little earlier, brew an extra pot of coffee and call 626-974-9991 to cater your office lunch and reward those who give so much! (24 hour advance notice typically needed for delivery-please call and ask)

There’s a lot to be said for hard work. Let Buckboard BBQ & Catering and Pizza Chalet help lighten your load! Call us today at 626-974-9991 or 626-915-5879 and remember…you can always finish your work tomorrow!


Diane France

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